Introduction Pemcon (Private) Limited.
  Associated Electrical Industries (Pakistan) Limited was registered as a Private Company Limited by shares in November, 1948, and was a wholly owned subsidiary of Associated Electrical Industries of the United Kingdom, a Company formed from the amalgamation of the well-known Metro-Vick, and BTH Companies. In 1967, AEI merged with the General Electric Company Limited, and in 1969, a further merged in the U.K. with English Electric Company Limited, was effected. Because of this, the name of the company in Pakistan was re-registered as AEI-English Electric (Pakistan) Limited in September 1969, representing the heavy engineering part of the G.E.C. Group of Companies in Pakistan. In 1972, GEC disposed of its shareholding in AEI-English Electric (Pakistan) Limited and the name of the Company was re-registered in December 1972 as Pakistan Electrical & Mechanical Constructors Limited, (Pemcon) which was incorporated by the Registrar Companies as Pemcon (Private) Limited in November 1993.
Electrical/Mechanical & Telecommunications Engineering
Pemcon entered into the international market in the 80s and due to its strong base and wider horizon in engineering field, gained the confidence of overseas clients and obtained contracts in Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka through international competition.
Civil & Geo Engineering
We have, by the grace of Allah, gained full trust and confidence of our valued customers in almost all Civil Engineering Circles, Government or Private, within a short span of time. We have invariably completed our work on all projects within stipulated time and also because we have never made any compromise on quality.
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